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20 Inch Sparklers: Why We Love Them

20 inch Sparklers

  We understand tons of wedding decor items need to be ordered, designed and placed in time for your wedding day. A lot of times brides have situations that arise when they use multiple products from various vendors, Grand Wedding Exit thrives to be your one stop shop for wedding sparklers. Today we wanted to highlight one of the best wedding exit favors on the market. Our wedding planners, event coordinators and loyal customers gave us feedback on why they love the 20 inch sparklers so much! Wedding sparklers vary in size and burn time. We offer 36 inch wedding sparklers which burn for about four minutes and are used for larger sized weddings. Our most popular 20 inch wedding sparklers sparkle for about three minutes. Grand Wedding Exit also offers premium sparklers and heart shaped sparklers that burn for about 2 mins. With various sparklers and burn times, each wedding sparkler can be used for different occasions.

Why We Love 20 Inch Sparklers

  The 20 inch sparklers are ideal for sparkler writing, grand wedding exits and wedding party photos. There are hundreds of uses for 20 inch wedding sparklers however, we would like to focus on what our event planners recommend and love them for. It is imperative to purchase the proper sparklers for weddings and not be tricked into purchasing the wrong sparklers. When buying sparklers you will want to make sure they are made with a steel wire core to ensure a flawless sparkle with minimum smoke and smell. The last thing we would ever want is to have the newlyweds having a grand exit will being engulfed in smoke. Please do the proper research when planning to buy wedding sparklers!
20 inch Wedding Sparkler Writing
  In this day and age, every couple wishes to stand out from the previous marriage in their family, friends, or group. With 20 inch sparklers they are now able to do just that! By using the wedding sparklers to conduct sparkler writing, they are able to mesmerize with their own creations. Sparkler writing is used by brides and wedding parties through out the United states. This gives them the freedom to customize the overall output of what they would like at their event. Sparkler writing can be done before, during, or after the wedding. Some of the greatest ways to use the 20 inch sparkler is to write out your wedding date, time, or names. The only way you can successfully write with sparklers is with 20 inch wedding sparklers. You are unable to use 36 inch wedding sparklers or 10 inch sparklers to write or draw with sparklers. Please keep this in mind if you plan on using longer sparklers you may want to purchase a small pack for some creative wedding magic!
20 inch sparklers

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers For Your Grand Wedding Exit

  What makes the 20 inch wedding sparklers so popular when planning on doing a wedding exit? The price point, everything with weddings becomes expensive with each added item. The best part about doing a sparkler exit with 20 inch sparklers is they will become one of the least expensive items while being the most memorable! These wedding sparklers are significantly cheaper than their 36 inch sparkler counterparts. Although they do have a shorter sparkle time, they still offer more than enough burn time for wedding sizes between 50 up to 175 wedding guests. Which pretty much make this the ideal sparkler for weddings. Choosing to use 20 inch sparklers help save brides on cost without sacrificing any part of your grand wedding exit! As long as you properly plan on using your wedding sparklers effectively you will not miss a step, or should we say sparkle! We offer countless tips and tricks when using sparklers for weddings.
Fun Wedding Photo's With 20 Inch Sparklers
  Before you use your sparklers for your wedding exit, you could set aside a small portion for fun bridal photo's with your wedding party. After the ceremony the wedding guests enjoy drinks while the newlyweds and bridal party take tons of pictures! Why not add some sparkle to these photo's! 20 inch sparklers not only look great in the daylight, but even better with professional camera's. Everybody loves taking action shots, so why not add an extra glow and sparkle. As we previously discussed you could plan to incorporate sparkler writing or just some have some old fashioned fun with sparklers!
  We could go on and on about how much we love 20 inch wedding sparklers, but we feel we've covered the main reasons why brides continually purchase these sparklers for sale. At Grand Wedding Exit we offer true sparklers with free shipping. All order of 20 inch sparklers ship the same day or next business day via FedEx. Our smallest quantity of 20" sparklers sell for just 22.99 making it budget savvy for every bride! You don't have to break the bank to have that fairy-tale wedding sparkler exit!
20 inch wedding sparklers

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