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Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks

Tips for Wedding Sparkler Photography

  Capturing the perfect moments throughout the night can be challenging. By following the steps we have outlined here, you are guaranteed to capture memories for a life time. You want to ensure that you or your photographers do not miss any shots that you will regret later, which is why we recommend hiring a professional photographer or carefully reading over these tips and tricks for your wedding. It's important to give your photographer these extra sparkler tips as this could be the first time they're using wedding sparklers. It is easy for your photographer to create wonderful wedding sparklers images so do not stress!



Have A Designated Sparkler Helper 



  On the day of your wedding, it can be overwhelming with tasks that need to be completed. Do not let that hold you back and have an assistant or best friend that can help mediate between task or run some on their own. The more help you get the merrier you will be. It always helps if your assistant is a wedding photographer as well.



Organized Groups for Wedding Sparkler Exit



  We all want to take pictures with everyone at our wedding; however, it can be chaotic to even get that arranged. The most efficient way to organize this is to create a list of the groups and individuals that will take pictures with the bride and groom. No one wants to forget Uncle Bob or Great Grand Mary. Your photographers may not know who they are, but it is easier to organize this process by creating the order and groups before your wedding day.



Picking the Perfect Wedding Sparkler Photo Location



  Your reception venue of choice may have different areas throughout that are better photo areas than others. We advise you to walk the perimeter and scope the entire venue for the best locations to capture group photos or other event photos. By contacting the venue coordinator, they might be able to inform you of specific locations. As they have seen numerous weddings and events come through their doors. Consider picking a couple spots for your wedding sparkler exit beforehand and your photographer will help pinpoint the ideal location. You may be shocked, but you might have some wonderful sparkler exit locations besides the obvious exit.



Weather Delays, They Can Happen



  No one can predict the future, we only hope for the best. In the event of a drastic change in weather conditions, make sure you have a Plan B. Climate changes can happen the same day or there may be updates a few days before. If your weather update is a few days before you are in luck with time to prepare for an alternative. But fear not if you get hit with an unwanted weather update the day of your wedding. Plan for outdoor weddings to have an emergency tent and transportation on stand by with your venue or local vendors. You can also have the inside venue, if there is any, to be on hold in the event of an unwanted weather update. The good news is you can still use sparklers in a slight drizzle as long as it is not in a complete downpour.



Importance of Shutter Sounds



  No one wants to interrupt any of the important family speeches! The shutter sound on your cameras can be a real mood kill during speeches and any other time throughout the night where silence is key. There will be many friends and families that want to be the photographer for the night as well. Let them have their turn and then you the professional can take the lead.



Multiple Cameras To Capture Sparklers



  There are numerous tips that can be given; however, something as simple as using more than one camera is revolutionary. This will allow you to capture images and moments from different angles and perspectives. You are now able to capture double, triple, or even quadruple the number of photos for your event! Capturing a sparkler exit from each side can really give you some unique photo's you will not want to miss!



Keep Wedding Photo Mistakes



  The photos that do not come out perfect can indeed become favorites! These photos should be saved and can be looked back on in the future and guaranteed that you will see something new each time to reflect on it. 



Group Bridal Sparkler Shots 



  Group shots are the best way to incorporate all the friends and families. There can also be individual shots to follow. Many photographers will inform you that you will need a few assistants to get everyone in order for the group shots.



Burst Shots Are A Wedding Must



  Being able to shoot a considerable measure of pictures quick is extremely helpful on a big day so change your camera to burst shooting mode and utilize it. It's the shot you take a moment after the formal or postured shot when everybody is unwinding that truly catches the occasion!  This is extremely crucial when capturing wedding sparkler photos. Double check with your wedding photographer they can utilize burst shots with sparklers.



Prepare for Anything



  You never know when an accident may occur! Maybe wine spilled on the wedding dress or a missing wedding member for a specific set of photos. Accidents happen and it's best not to panic! Don't panic and instead move onto the next picture if someone is missing momentarily. If you do spill something on your dress your wedding planner always has stuff to cover it up or erase it! The worst thing you can do is let it ruin your day!



Wedding Sparkler Exit



  Having a grand wedding exit with sparklers may be one of the cheapest items purchased at your weddings and may reward you with the best wedding pictures! Lining up the wedding guests for the newlyweds to walk through and under the sparklers help create that fairy-tale wedding. Its very important to notify your wedding photographer that you will be having a sparkler exit.


  They will use a special shutter effect to enhance the photo's beyond what you could ever imagine. You will want to make sure the newlyweds walk casually through the wedding sparklers and not to rush. If you plan on using sparklers for weddings we recommend only purchasing true wedding sparklers. Only a few companies online offer the correct sparklers for sale. 


  At Grand Wedding Exit we specialize in nearly smokeless and ash-less sparklers for weddings and events. We offer packages for small and large weddings and can even create custom wedding sparkler quantities for your big day! We understand no two weddings are the same and we take pride in offering the exact sparklers you need! Our two most popular wedding sparklers happen to be our 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch wedding sparklers. If you have any questions on adding sparklers to your wedding please do not hesitate to contact us! We hope you enjoyed these wedding photography tips and tricks!



Enjoy your Wedding Day & Have Fun



  Your wedding day will be short and you will be extremely busy running around greeting or dancing the night away. Before you know it you will know hear the DJ signal the last song of the night. Most weddings see this as the end of the night, but there is a way you can have one last celebration and capture some of the best wedding photographs of the entire day. Including wedding sparklers at the very end of the night will let you celebrate your new-found love one last time! 

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