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How To Spot Quality Wedding Sparklers

How To Spot Quality Wedding Sparklers


  Finding sparklers in general is easy. You can find ordinary sparklers during holidays like 4th of July and New Years. But when it comes to finding wedding sparklers you will want to make sure you do your homework and research. When we select our sparklers for weddings to offer our soon to be newlyweds we understand we need to have the highest quality sparklers. At Grand Wedding Exit we have been selling wedding sparklers for over twenty years and go through numerous tests on a yearly basis to ensure we offer the best sparklers online. We continue to test and improve our wedding sparklers every season because our customers matter to us. I understand how important the end of your wedding night needs to be because I used these sparklers at the end of my wedding day. That's why we are one of the most trusted and popular wedding sparklers for sale today!


Finding Quality Wedding Sparklers


  With tons of wedding sparkler companies online it is very easy to fall victim to just purchasing regular sparklers. We wanted to help create a sparkler guide to ensure you purchase authentic wedding sparklers you can trust! If you research sparklers online you can easily get lost in company after company. Follow these key steps when you plan on purchasing sparklers for your wedding!


How The Sparkler Looks Matters


  When you first look at your sparkler you can immediately receive a lot of feedback. You can instantly tell if you have a cheap wedding sparkler just by the amount of sparkler coating on it. If you can only see a thin layer on your sparkler they will not sparkle brightly or evenly. At Grand Wedding Exit we double dip every wedding sparkler to ensure that each sparkler burns evenly. The last thing you want during an exit sparkler is for your wedding guests to be holding sparklers that have gone out as you are exiting. We know how amazing these wedding pictures can be and we want to help you create that perfect wedding departure!


Ensure your Wedding Sparklers Are Metal


  If you have purchased sparklers online that are made of wood or bamboo you will immediately want to try and return them. If you use wooden sparklers they will not create the sparkler exit you desire. Bamboo sparklers create ample amounts of smoke and give off a pungent odor at the same time. When purchasing wedding sparklers you should only buy sparklers made with a steel wire core. These are considered "True Wedding Sparklers" which are virtually smokeless and ash-less. Scroll through photos of sparkler exits and sometimes you will come across smokey sparklers and if you inspect closely in the picture you will notice they used wooden sparklers. Please remember when buying sparklers online to purchase sparklers only made with a steel wire core.


Sparkler Burn Time


  Perhaps the most important aspect of your sparkler is the time they sparkle. If you have a specific idea planned at your wedding or event you need to find the proper sparkler with the intended burn time. Typically larger sparklers will have the longest burn time, but you should make sure to check the burn time of the wedding sparkler before you place an order. Our 20 inch sparklers at Grand Wedding Exit have a burn time of two and half minutes and are perfect for medium sized weddings. We also carry our most popular 36 inch wedding sparklers which have an extended burn time of three and half minutes giving newlyweds ample time to stop and make romantic poses as they exit their wedding. We want our customers to know the burn time of each wedding sparkler to help them plan the perfect exit to the end of their wedding day.


Look At Wedding Sparkler Reviews


  If you can't find any reviews from other brides about the company you plan on purchasing sparklers from you may want to avoid them. You can quickly find reviews about sparkler companies by either looking at Google, Wedding Wire, and even Facebook. Reading reviews will let you see how other experiences went with that company. Grand Wedding Exit has won multiple awards from Wedding Wire and even hundreds of reviews from Google. A lot of sparkler companies try to hide their reviews and that may be a red flag. As always do your homework when planning your sparkler exit.


Don't Fall For Cheap Sparkler Prices


  Finding cheap wedding sparklers may seem like a great deal, but more often than not it will cause disappointment. If you've found wedding sparklers well below where majority of the competitors have them priced your most likely going to receive the worng sparklers. Grand Wedding Exit thrives to offer the most affordable prices as we understand how expensive weddings are today. For this upcoming wedding season all sparkler orders come with free FedEx Shipping! 


Don't Be Tricked By Fancy Sparkler Packaging


  Some soon to be brides will easily fall for buying wedding sparklers that look like the part, but don't fall for packaging! A lot of sparkler companies have done a fantastic job of making their sparkler boxes look elegant and perfect for events. Unfortunately, when you plan on using these sparklers for weddings you need to take them out of the box to properly present them for your guests. So don't put too much emphasis on the way the sparklers are presented and actually more on the quality of each wedding sparkler.


Side by Side Wedding Sparkler Comparison


  A lot of wedding sparkler companies will allow you to purchase a sample pack of 36 inch wedding sparklers or 20 inch wedding sparklers for you to test out. This is the best way to figure out if you are receiving the best sparklers online. If a wedding sparkler company is refusing to offer you a sample pack then that might be a sign they do not offer quality sparklers. As soon as you receive sparklers from a couple companies the first thing you will want to compare is the thickness of sparkler composition and how durable the steel rod is. If the sparkler feels flimsy then those wedding sparklers will start to dip or bend as they are halfway lit. The last thing you want during your sparkler exit is drooping sparklers as they may accidentally burn someone. So you will want to make sure that the steel rods are stiff and that the chemical composition is double dipped or thick. You will instantly know if your sparkler feels cheap or has some weight to it. If online sparkler companies do not offer small quantities of sparklers it often means their hiding something.


Testing Sparklers Burn Time


  Perhaps the most important aspect in testing out wedding sparklers is the burn time. You will want to test the sparkler to make sure it burns the appropriate time. Many online sparkler companies will say their 36 inch or 20 inch sparkler burn a certain time, but really only last a fraction of the time. Your wedding is too important to trust online companies without reviews. So take the time to test these sparklers beforehand. We recommend purchasing at least two or three samples from a couple companies.


  We hope you enjoyed our breakdown to help find a reliable sparkler company online. Our goal at Grand Wedding Exit is to offer you the most relevant information possible to make the right decision. We stay with you until the final sparkle goes out. We even offer wedding sparkler tips and tricks to ensure your wedding night ends the best way possible. Feel free to reach out to our dedicated staff if you ever have any questions with buying product or safely using sparklers.

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