The Best Way To Organize A Sparkler Send-Off

The Best Way To Organize A Sparkler Send-Off


  As we are planning a send-off for the new couple many of us choose to add wedding sparklers. There are many ways we can incorporate them including giving the guests sparklers and having them create a tunnel or arch the couple can walk through. The best way to make sure our send-off is a moment no one will forget is to plan ahead. 


Purchasing Sparklers For Weddings


  The first step in organizing a sparkler send-off is to determine which sparklers we will be using and how many we need. It is important that we purchase designated wedding sparklers instead of traditional sparklers because wedding sparklers are smokeless which means we can use them both indoors and outdoors. In addition, wedding sparklers allow us to take clear photos at the event.


  Wedding sparklers come in a wide range of sizes and shapes so we can choose the type that fits our send-off the best. When purchasing sparklers for sale, we can often use the rule of thumb that about 10% of our guests will leave before the send-off. So, if we are going to have a wedding for 100 people, we should make sure to get at least 90 sparklers. On the other hand, having a few extras is never a bad idea since you can always take fun bridal wedding photos! 


  Depending on the type of send-off we want to have we can have guests hold sparklers or we can create a pathway of star or heart shaped sparklers that are lit as the couple walks out of the wedding or reception. There are several ways we can incorporate sparklers to create the send-off of our dreams. 


Talking To The Photographer


  It is important to talk to our photographer about what kind of photos we want taken during the send-off. We might want to capture a kiss, a hug, or a little spin. Our photographer can help us determine where we should place our guests to capture such a photo. We don’t want the photographer to have to push through wedding guests to get in the right position. It's best let them know if you are using 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch wedding sparklers so they can plan accordingly. 


  Often our photographer will want a sample of the wedding sparklers we are going to use before the event. This is so they can make sure of which camera settings they need to capture the best possible photos during the send-off. If we want to capture our send-off with amazing photos it is important that we talk to the photographer ahead of time so they can do their best work. For more wedding photography tip and tricks jump on over to our sparkler ideas section.


Organizing Your Wedding Guests


  If we want the best possible sparkler send-off it is important that we tell guests what is going to happen ahead of time. This means more of our guests will stay until the end to see the send-off. We don’t want guests to head home before our grand final because they were not aware that we were doing a send-off.


  In addition, it is useful to have someone who is designated as the person to hand out the sparklers, tell guests when the sparklers will be lit, tell guests where they should stand, as well as go over some basic sparkler safety measures such as reminded guests to never hold the sparkler too close to their bodies or clothes nor the body or clothes of other guests.


  Finally, it is important to tell guests where they should place their sparklers when they are done. We should have several metal sparkler buckets filled with water or sand for the burnt sparklers to be placed in when they are done burning. Once the sparklers are completely cooled, we can simply throw away the metal handles. 


Lighting The Sparklers


  One great way to light a series of sparklers so that the couple can walk under the arch is to start by lighting the first one on each side with a butane or barbeque lighter. Generally, lighters work much better and more reliably than using matches. Once the first sparkler in each row is lit, each sparkler can be used to light the next one in the row. Many wedding sparklers can be lit in a short period of time using this method.


  Wedding sparkler send-offs are a great way to send the couple out into the world surrounded by love. They are a big and bold addition and can be a real showstopper. The best way to organize a sparkler send-off is to plan before purchasing sparklers, to talk to our photographer, to communicate with guests, and to light the sparklers using a lighter. With just a little bit of planning we can have a safe and fun send-off that everyone can enjoy. Let us help you execute and plan when to buy wedding sparklers.

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