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Using Wedding Sparklers In the Winter

Winter Wedding Sparklers


  Due to the winter season we have shorter days, freezing temperatures, and let's be honest random snowstorms! Winter is typically known as the “off-season” for planning weddings. Even though colder temperatures certainly doesn't make for an ideal wedding season, there is still a magical aspect having a winter white wedding! Below we share some ideas and references for turning your December - February wedding into a winter wonderland, that will give every other season a run for its money! Don't fret, wedding sparklers work perfectly fine in the cold and snow!


Warm up with Winter Sparklers



  You would think that the snow or the cold itself would make having a sparkler exit seem improbable. However, it's the total opposite thanks to the material our wedding sparklers are made from. At Grand Wedding Exit, our wedding sparklers have absolutely no issues with what winter has to throw at us! Every sparkler is made with a steel wire core to ensure it offers the brightest sparkle while ensuring it stays lit the entire time. You will not have to worry about additional smoke or any sulfur smell since we are only offer true wedding sparklers. Due to our double dipped process lighting our wedding sparklers will be simple in even of the the snowiest conditions. Simply grab a barbecue or butane lighter and you simply just need to light the first few wedding sparklers. From there simply touch the sparklers down the wedding line! Don't miss out on having your fairy tale ending due to the winter. 


Best Wedding Sparklers For The Snow


  You will still probably have to bring out the jackets, but it's totally worth it! You don't want to miss out on this winter wedding exit! Winter wedding season should not be one to stress over wondering if certain wedding products will work as intended. Use the snow as your enhancer to the sparkling light that emits from our sparklers. For example, if you pair a winter wedding with our 36 inch wedding sparklers it can give you a wedding exit to remember. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers have a burn time of almost four minutes so your wedding guests will not need to rush at all! Newlyweds prefer our longer sparklers as when they exit as they are walking underneath an arch of sparklers to help create a truly remarkable wedding exit. 

  Even our Heart Sparklers pair well with a winter wedding. You can use these heart shaped sparklers for fun bridal photos or even place them in the snow for added wedding decor. We offer all kinds of sparklers for any occasion and season! Enhance your winter wedding with any of our wedding novelty items and receive premium sparklers for free! Our wedding sparklers can even be paired up with our sparkler bucket to help make it easy for your guests in the cold to start and dispose your sparklers. 

  With our free shipping and other expedited shipping options, we offer the fastest available shipping times online even if the holidays are right around the corner.  Winter is a season about indulging in all things that bring you warmth and secure, why not offer wedding guests our 20 inch sparklers! These wedding sparklers are ideal for medium sized weddings. Our 20 inch sparklers are the most affordable wedding sparklers on the market allowing you not to break the bank during your wedding night! 

  We hope to ease your mind when planning a winter wedding. Our goal is to help make your planning less stressful, and to let you know you can still add a sparkle to your wedding night regardless of the cold and snow. We hope you check back for more wedding sparkler ideas for your big day!

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