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Heart Sparklers on Valentine's Day

February 07, 2017

Valentine's Day is a special day dedicated to those you love and would like to express your love to. Here at Grand Wedding Exit we love to incorporate our sparklers with your loved ones on your special day. In an effort to compliment your significant other with a heart sparkler, we have put all sparklers on sale. All products are on a 15% mark down from original pricing. The heart sparklers are a custom made sparkler, can be used in various situations, and also come in bulk quantities.Grand

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Wedding Sparkler Trends of 2019

January 17, 2017

Welcome to Grand Wedding Exit! We are in love with being a part of wedding days; every day, we have the honor of speaking with bride and grooms from all over the United States and are continuing to learn about new wedding trends and wedding supplies. It is an ever-changing industry with so many different forms of expressing your very special wedding day.Our selection of wedding products begin with our famous Wedding Sparklers. Wedding Sparklers have been a popular product for wedding exits.

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Sparklers 101 : Learning Wedding Sparkler Facts

December 12, 2016

Sparklers Grand Wedding Exit is leading the sparkler industry with wholesale pricing, quality products and fastest shipping thought the nation. Grand Wedding Exit was formed to create the ease of accessibility for brides and event planners to order sparklers for their wedding or event. Our owner, Violet Stanford, was a bride herself in search of the perfect sparkler for her grand wedding exit. Because of the great lengths she went to find them, she took it upon herself to bring the real

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Buy Wedding Sparklers on Sale for Black Friday!

November 23, 2016

Black Friday deals are one of the biggest shopping days world wide. Online and in store get traffic beyond compare to any other day. When you are a savvy shopper, the best deals are on black Friday. Here at Grand Wedding Exit we love the shopping spirit and allow our customers to take advantage of great deals. We surpass in the best price nationwide and offer quality products that can be delivered right to your doorstep. When your are in need of the perfect wedding sparklers for your event,

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Wedding Exit Favors and Ideas For Sparklers

November 10, 2016

Creating the wedding of your dreams is what you research and search the web for months to make it perfect! There is a lot that goes into your wedding; small details from decorations, seating arrangement, cake, and even the wedding send off are major points to address with your planner. The wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and we would like to help you check off one key detail most people do not address. The wedding send off.History of Wedding Send OffThe story behind

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36 Inch Long Wedding Sparklers Exit

October 28, 2016

Why you need long wedding sparklers? Wedding sparklers are the final touch to end or start your wedding. When choosing sparklers for your wedding there are several important things to keep in mind about the wedding sparklers. What is the quality of the wedding sparklers? How long are the sparklers for weddings? What is the perfect quantity of sparklers needed for your wedding? At Grand Wedding Exit we assist you in choosing the most economical and trustworthy product there is to be offered. What

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If You're Planning Your Wedding

September 08, 2016

Call your parents before pressing “post" or “tweet" to announce your engagement. Your close friends and family will want to hear it straight from you first. A Facebook status or tweet might be the most efficient way to get the news out, but it's not the most personal. You know which friends and family members would appreciate to hear the news directly from you. Plus, it's likely that older family members (like your grandparents) don't have Facebook or Snapchat accounts and could miss the message

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Sparklers On Cakes And Desserts

August 25, 2016

Using sparklers on cakes and desserts are becoming the new craze with brides when planning their dinner and gatherings. We love the Premium Sparklers on the wedding desserts and we admire the Dessert Sparklers on the wedding cakes. These sparklers are simple to use and easy to light. Grand Wedding exit brings the highest quality steel core sparklers to your event so you can shine bright on your wedding day/night.Premium sparklers on your wedding desserts are the final touch to make your night

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Styling the Entire Wedding Entourage

August 11, 2016

As a future bride like you, we want everyone to look great in our wedding. That’s one of the challenging things we might be facing when coordinating with the couturier that will dress our entourage. When deciding on a particular style or shade, we always consider the opinion of our bridesmaids. Are they going to be comfortable in it? Is it too revealing? Does it compliment their figure? And many more. You want to be stunning that anyone else in your wedding. However, you also want to make sure

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Wedding Trends 2016: Don’t Get Left Behind!

July 11, 2016

If you are getting married this year, then you are certainly clamoring for that latest wedding trend details. Well, you’ve arrived at the right page because here are the top 17 must-haves for a 2016 wedding!Metallic Color Palettes.Nudes are certainly outdated this year. Make way for the bold metallic shades that will rule the aisle of every wedding celebration this year. There are many ideas on how you could utilize them to your event. Metallic hues can be ethereal, whimsical, and elegant.

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Getting Married While Pregnant: How to Rock that Pink Wedding?

May 18, 2016

Expecting a baby at the most unexpected moment is not a mistake, but a blessing. Not all couples can have an offspring of their own even with the use of medical interventions. Whether it’s a planned pregnancy or unplanned wedding, you and your partner should feel lucky since you’re bound to be joined by a little bundle of joy.The judgmental eyes of society makes it hard for pregnant women to get married in the church. Some prefer to hide and settle for civil wedding, while others just go for an

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Newly Wed This Season Around The World

May 06, 2016

There’s nothing more exciting than celebrating the holiday season for the first time as an official married couple. After your grand wedding exit under the 36 inch wedding sparklers, you start a new chapter. You get to kiss each other under the mistletoe not as a boyfriend or girlfriend anymore. But the most crucial aspect you have to decide on is whether you’re going to spend it with his parents or yours. Now that you became a husband or a wife of someone, you should also accept the fact that

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